The Best White Label Hemp Brand in the Market is Yours!

At 5Day, you can put together white label hemp products to re-brand and sell to your customers, at profitable price points.

Your rebranded white label hemp products are only 5 business days away! 5Day is serious about getting you top quality hemp products at a speed that impresses. And in today’s fast paced on demand market, this is what you want for your white-label hemp business.

5DAY will get your order shipped within 5 business days from point of order. Please read About Us.


What is White Labeling Hemp?

White labeling hemp infused products by 5Day is the fastest way to get your private label hemp products in the market. With a low minimum of 25 unit MOQ, you can get started on your private label hemp products ordered and shipped to you in just 5 business days

In-house Label Printing for Faster Turn Times.

Place an Order

Place an order for your private label hemp products. As one of the few true private label hemp manufacturers we can support a low MOQ of just 25 units so you can get to market fast.


Our white label hemp products are in stock and ready to ship within 5 business days of your white label hemp order.


You take our label templates and have your designer create an amazing brand look.


We review the label before it goes to print to ensure FDA compliance.


We print and apply the labels to your products to ensure that your order goes out within 5 business days.

We ship your order out using automated shipping software that sends you tracking.


All shipments are insured.


You sell a lot more private label hemp product because you never run out with 5DAY. You maintain low inventories giving you extra cash flow for marketing.



Honestly, I didn’t think that this could be done but 5day turned my order in several days and the quality was exceptional.


Great quality and crazy fast order fulfillment. They are the best hemp private label manufacturer in the business


You guys killed it and kept me from running out. Wow! My previous supplier took 4 weeks to get orders out the door.


I just switched my brand to 5Day because I really needed the fast turnarounds 5Day offered. I ordered on Monday afternoon and by Wednesday afternoon they had printed the labels. They shipped on Friday which was less than 5 days. I was astounded that they actually did it.

In-house Label Printing Speeds Up Turn Times


In-House Printing

Download our label templates and design your awesome labels.



Labels are applied to the hemp infused products and carefully boxed for shipping.


Fast Shipping

Orders are shipped via UPS, FedEx or USPS in 5 Days or less.

What is Private/White Label Hemp?

Private/white label Hemp are Hemp products that are produced by a manufacturer, with a branded label of the purchaser.

For example, a private label and white label Hemp manufacturer like 5Day Private Label will manufacture one Hemp Body Butter but will brand it for 100 different customers who want to add that product to their line-up. 

Many products that you see on amazon or on e-commerce sites are just products that have been private labeled for the seller by the manufacturer.

Why Private/White Label Hemp?

Private label and white label Hemp manufacturing is far easier than building your own Hemp products from the ground up. 

With 5Day Private Label you choose which Hemp products you want to sell, and we supply it for your business. The number of different products you choose to start with is entirely up to you.

Once you have those products picked, your rep will send you an invoice for the order. Upon completion, your product inventory will be shipped directly to you. If you’d like your products labeled, we’ll send you a label template so you can add your logo and brand graphics.


Why Work With Us?

The short answer is quality and 5 day turn times on orders. 5Day Private Label understands the needs of the small business owner of a white label brand like yours. 

It’s critical that your orders are turned quickly since as a small business you don’t have the ability to hold large inventories of each product. Since the MOQ is only 25 with 5Day and the turn-times are so fast, you can simply order 10 days before you run out of stock, enabling you to hold almost no inventory. 

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This frees-up capital for the customer to invest in marketing. Turning orders in 5 business days is not easy. 

Since we have so many years of experience in white label hemp manufacturing, we know speed and quality are paramount to all other things, including price. 5Day is FDA Registered, GMP Certified, Organic Certified and Food Licensed.

No other private/white label hemp manufacturer or supplier in the industry has these certifications. This makes 5Day Private Label the leader in hemp products production.


How’s Our Quality?

5Day Private Label extracts hemp right here in our facility. In fact, 5Day was built on top of our extraction company Salt Leaf Hemp. Salt Leaf Hemp is one of the first hemp extractors in the state of Utah and a leader in quality hemp extraction. 

Our farm is an organic hemp farm just down the road from us here with a unique technique for producing very large buds with high percentages that are around 16%. We are focused on the best hemp strains available. 

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5Day controls the entire supply chain from seed to the end products. This is why we have the top private label hemp products in the market.

Is your private/white label Hemp FDA compliant?

As a premier hemp manufacturer, our facility is registered with the FDA. This means, they are aware of our facility and our commitment to quality. We follow CFR 110 and 111 which covers manufacturers of dietary supplements and food.

All labels that we apply here at 5Day need to be compliant with FDA regulations. While there are 10,000 pages of compliance rules when it comes to supplements, the basic facts are quite simple. 

5Day will supply you with the label template for each product which should make it easy for your designer to add your logo and branding graphics. 

The law requires that you must have your City, State, Zip, Phone and or the web address. You should also have the FDA statement on the back “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” 

If you feel you must make a statement on the product about efficacy, avoid claims such as: “eliminates pain or cures pain” and focus on general statements like, “can reduce”, “may help with” or “helps reduce.” No claim is going to help you sell the product but could draw ire from the FDA and FTC. 

Prior to printing any label, we will review the label for compliance. 

Are these products organic?

5Day Private Label hemp products are organic. The hemp we use from our farms is all grown organically. We source hemp only from farms that grow organically and provide 3rd party tests showing heavy metal and pesticide levels.

5Day is also a USDA Certfied Organic Handling Facility. Which means we are able to source Certified Organic ingredients and make certified USDA organic products. This allows you to use the USDA Organic Seal on your products and have them registered and verified by the USDA. 

Very few white label hemp manufacturers can provide the level of quality we offer to our clients, We offer these USDA certified organic white label hemp products because we know how important it is to build a brand that has credibility, respect and won’t fail due to quality issues with its private label hemp manufacturer.

Why would you private/white label hemp pet treats?

The pet market is huge when it comes to private/white label hemp treats or hemp oil. 

Dogs respond to hemp very well and pet owners treat their pets as well as their children. 5Day makes a jerky hemp Pet Treat. 

Unlike most other hemp treats that mold, dry up or fall apart, they are a solid beef jerky treat with 5mg of hemp.

What hemp products do you recommend we private/white label?

70% of all white label hemp products on the market are oils like tincture drops. 

Since so much of the market is oil based, you certainly want to have Hemp drops as part of your line-up. 

The next best-selling hemp products are hemp pain creams and pain roll-ons. Between these two categories, you have 90% of the market covered. The next best sellers are hemp skin care items, Pet Treats, Gummies, Pain recovery wraps, tea and so on. 

This does not mean you can’t make great money selling something unique. For example, you might find a distribution network for hemp strips for sleep or energy. a very profitable option.


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